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Shaping young minds is about more than just books and teachers. A school’s infrastructure can make it a more welcoming place, where getting work done is easy, even when the homework is hard.

From K-12 to higher education, we strive to help schools provide the best environment they can for students, faculty, and staff. An environment where information flows freely and meets the changing needs of students and faculty, and everyone works together toward a better education — and a better place to get one.

The cloud saves times and simplifies collaboration

The cloud is all about simplicity and speed. Our Cloud Connected Education solution enables you to mobilize information for quick access and use. Students can store and share documents in the cloud and submit assignments in Blackboard® Learn, Canvas, etc. Teachers can upload information to these cloud applications in one step. Additionally, our MFPs, which connect you to the cloud, can be configured with security features to protect sensitive information and with accounting software that lets you charge back costs. 

Tests that practically grade themselves

Tests can be nerve-wracking not only for your students, but for you as well, especially if you’re dealing with a large class.

Ricoh’s Testing and Grading Solution for Education can ease the burden both ways. Simply enter your tests into the nearest scanner or multi-function printer (MFP), along with an answer key. The system quickly, accurately, and automatically grades the test. You can even let students check their grades in real time. Your job is done more quickly, and the students have less time to wait (and, in some cases, less time to worry).

Records that will outlast but not overwhelm you

Your institution has a venerable legacy — and a venerable stash of countless paper records. Ricoh’s K-12 Student Records Management and Records Management Solutions for Higher Education let you take control. Through a combination of hardware, software, and process improvements, we’ll work with your records (both new and legacy) to digitize and store them with improved security. And because they’ll be properly tagged and categorized, you can easily find the information you need.

Mail services that deliver value

Chances are your college mail room was set up for letters, not Amazon Prime. Ricoh’s Campus Mail Solutions for Universities fine-tune your operation for the era of email, texting, and online shopping. With us, new packages will email their intended recipients when they arrive, saving your mail room both valuable space and time.

And that’s just the beginning. We can give your students self-serve kiosks that allow them to pick up their own packages and ship through multiple carriers, all without setting foot off campus or pulling your employees away from other tasks.

Applications made easy

There are few aspects of higher education more paper- and labor-intensive than admissions and financial aid. Fortunately, Ricoh’s Admissions and Financial Aid Process Workflow Solutions are the right answer to your application headaches.

Our services and technologies will convert your hard-copy documents, automate and digitize your manual, paper-based processes, and streamline your entire operation into a better experience for both you and your applicants. A world where timely feedback, easy linking of paper documents to digital records, and automatic, digital processes are the norm? Ricoh can make it happen.

Anytime, anywhere campus printing

Once upon a time, campus print systems were dominated by the “computer room,” and things were easier. Now, your students want to print from smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other personal devices because they — and their information — are mobile.

Ricoh’s Print Management Solution for K-12 helps you navigate this mobile minefield and implement an efficient print infrastructure, including fleet management, student / faculty billing, and, yes, anytime, anywhere printing. Perfect for both higher-education and K-12, you cut down on waste, curb abuse, and reduce both costs and your environmental burden.

IT services for an IT-driven education

Education and technology are more tightly intertwined than ever before, and that means your K-12 school has IT needs. From Common Core computer-based testing to different learning styles to educational demands, what’s a school without the budget space — or dedicated IT staff — to do?

That’s where Ricoh’s Engineered IT Solutions for K-12 come in. Our experts will gladly manage your IT setup for you at a lower cost than hiring and training all new personnel. That’s something a lot of school districts — and, by extension, many taxpayers — will be glad to hear.


Key Value Areas

Campus Mail and Package Services icon
Campus Mail and Package Services

Recipients know when their packages arrive, so they spend less time in your mail room.

Student Records icon
Student Records

Store them, sort them, search them, send them. Whatever you need to do, we can help.

Campus Print Management Solutions icon
Campus Print Management Solutions

Print from your own device, making the print process easier and lessening strenuous demands on shared computers.

Admissions & Financial Aid Process Workflow Solutions icon
Admissions & Financial Aid Process Workflow Solutions

We make receiving, sorting, marking, and replying to admissions applications easy.

Featured Solutions

Engineered IT Services for K-12
Engineered IT Services for K-12

 Education technology that makes the grade

Quick Summary
  • Build a high-tech teaching foundation
  • Offer interactive, individualized education
  • Protect and back up your sensitive data
  • Spend less, receive more
Testing and Grading Solutions for Education
Testing and Grading Solutions for Education

Break Out of the Bubble

Quick Summary
  • Focus on teaching, not testing
  • Reduce turnaround time for grading
  • Track student test scores over time
  • Use the equipment you already have
Campus Mail Solutions for Universities
Campus Mail Solutions for Universities

Streamlined mail services for busy students

Quick Summary
  • Improve quality, consistency of services
  • Offer a modern, full-service mail center
  • Automate processes to reduce labor costs
  • Make better use of your floor space
Mobile Printing Solutions for Universities
Mobile Printing Solutions for Universities

Support mobile users with multiple ways to print more securely 

Quick Summary
  • Print anywhere, anytime on campus 
  • Protect data and networks 
  • Manage print costs, usage 
University Kiosk
University Kiosk

Higher mail center efficiency for higher education

Quick Summary
  • Install quick, easy package pickup
  • Cut waiting times
  • Automate workflows to save time, money
  • Use space and resource more efficiently
K-12 Student Records Management
K-12 Student Records Management

Store and access your student records electronically

Quick Summary
  • Enable immediate records access
  • Reduce storage or courier costs
  • Increase security of personal information
  • Help satisfy compliance requirements
Print Management Solution for K-12
Print Management Solution for K-12

Take control of your printing with Ricoh.

Quick Summary
  • Get info where, when you need it
  • Reduce waste, costs
  • Protect student information
  • Streamline your print operations
Records Management Solution for Higher Education
Records Management Solution for Higher Education

Capture, manage and transform your student data

Quick Summary
  • Automatically capture student data at all stages
  • Digitize legacy records to enhance alumni outreach
  • Improve communication, transparency, audit trails
  • Access student information where and when you need it
Cloud Connected Education Solution
Cloud Connected Education Solution

Meet students where they study and complete assignments.

Quick Summary
  • Make it easy for students to manage information in the cloud.
  • Raise faculty efficiency with direct scanning to Blackboard® Learn.
  • Lighten the burden on IT and admins with easy-to-use MFP features. 
  • Track user activity on MFPs and charge back costs.
Admissions Process Automation
Admissions Process Automation

Speed up application processing and impress perspective students.

Quick Summary
  • Funnel all of the pieces of applicant information into a single digital repository
  • Improve your overall admissions process with our managed services
  • Showcase admissions speed and technology
  • Convert your hard-copy documents including snail mail and faxes

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Content & Document Management

Store and search your documents intelligently.

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Document Conversion Services

You’ve got filing cabinets. We’ve got digitization experts. Let’s do this.

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Engineered IT Solutions icon
Engineered IT Solutions

Build a network from the ground up or fine tune the one you have, prepare schematics, and develop a living roadmap.

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Mobile Printing

On the road or in the office, your mobile workers can print from anywhere, from any device easily.

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