Federal Government

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Working for the federal government presents a wholly unique set of challenges and requirements. You have to provide a broad mix of services to a broad mix of consumers, all while managing tight budgets and answering to a very public constituency. Effectiveness and efficiency are key. If you’re not in control of your information at all stages — input and output — then the gears of government grind to a halt.

Keep your data and your services nimble with Ricoh’s federal government solutions. Our specialized team has decades of experience working with federal offices, departments, and military branches. We have a genuine understanding of the demands of federal government work not found anywhere else, which means we’re more prepared to start helping you than anyone else.

Tame your paper with a digital strategy

Your volumes of paper keep exploding. And as you deal with changing work styles and strict records management mandates, you might wonder how to handle it all.

Digitization Solutions for Federal Government make sure that, as the bar raises on records management, so will you. We’ll work with you to:

  • Convert your legacy files.
  • Establish an ongoing process to digitize your current and future files.
  • Encrypt and store them on your servers or in the cloud.
  • Improve information management, so you can find and use what you need — anytime, anywhere.

Streamline and Improve Security of your output

Some amount of paper is unavoidable. So for the printing, scanning, and copying you still have, your system not only needs to operate at peak efficiency, it needs to be cost-effective, and secure with those important federal documents.

Ricoh’s output management helps you understand and control the costs of your output devices. We’ll track and monitor your print output. With our detailed reporting, you’ll have a clear picture of your costs — and be better equipped to manage them by directing where and how your important information is printed.

And lest we forget about security, there's our MFP Security and Scanning Solutions. It seamlessly integrates with your current network and workflows, and its password — or smartcard — based authentication is designed to  restrict access to unauthorized users. In short, all of your information is routed to where it needs to go — and to the people who should be seeing it.  

Turn your printer fleet into a fighting force

Waste and inefficiency are not exclusive to certain government agencies. Our armed forces are under the same pressure to streamline and optimize their print fleet, reduce costs, eliminate waste, and comply with printing directives or audits.

Ricoh’s Document Conversion Services help you take control of your output devices and better manage your information, so you’ll be a model of efficiency — in the office and in the field.