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Quality healthcare starts with your information. Whether it’s from referring physicians, from another practice, the file room down the hall, or any of a host of different digital files, your ability to grasp that information — clinical, financial, administrative — drives your healthcare.

When so many different sources are involved, though, it can be hard to pull all the data together and operate efficiently. Ricoh’s healthcare solutions work with you to break those walls down and make the critical information you need accessible wherever you need it, whenever you need it. This is information mobility, and it can make your job easier.  

Digitize and free your information

You deal with a lot of documents, which unfortunately, can be:

  • Slow to move between offices, departments, and people.
  • Easily lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Difficult to locate when you need them.

And when your documents are lost, so too is the information locked within them. We’ll provide the tools you need to digitize your documents, store them in a central digital repository, and thoroughly index them. That means your vital information will no longer be fragmented. With tools like our Patient Chart Scanning, a new, more complete picture of your information will be available when and where you need it, ready to move at the speed of healthcare.

Accelerate your workflow and improve document access

With your information finally indexed, you’ll be able to share data from any location or source anywhere. With Ricoh’s HIM Workflow Manager Solution at the helm, you can leverage your improved access into faster, easier clinical data processes. Your collaboration among departments, clinicians and outside stakeholders will be easier than ever before.

Streamlined processes mean lower costs and higher quality of care

Fast-moving, easily accessible, data is only the beginning. With Ricoh’s Healthcare Rapid Process Assessment, we can work with you on your processes around documents — input, output, access, and review.

When that’s streamlined, your return on investment can extend beyond the savings on paper and print material reduction to improved patient satisfaction and a healthy organization.

 Better address regulatory requirements, patient data security

We can help you not only identify and eliminate inefficiencies, but also address patient data security and privacy regulations.


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By Sandra LaFon During a keynote session at HIMSS15, Office of the National Coordinator chief, Karen DeSalvo, M.D., and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Acting Administrator, Andy Slavitt, made some remarks about interoperability that struck a chord with me. Calling on providers and the government to pick up the pace on interoperability, Slavitt said,(...)

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By Sandra LaFon It’s hard to believe that in today’s advanced technological world, many healthcare systems still transport patient care documents and medical records via vans in order to get them from various affiliated regional hospitals and clinics to the main office to be scanned – page by page. You can imagine how long that(...)

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By Michael Campana When you hear the term “patient safety,” most likely, you think about protecting your patients from physical harm while they’re in your care. But have you thought about the other ways in which your patients might be in danger? Your patients’ personal health information is in your hands including their personally identifiable(...)

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Top Three Financial Reasons to Secure Your Data

By Michael Campana According to Healthcare IT News, over the past year, 43 percent of all identity thefts were healthcare related and 61 percent of healthcare organizations have reported a security-related incident at least once. With sky-high statistics like these, it’s no wonder why healthcare leaders are looking to improve their data privacy & security(...)

Key Value Areas

Healthcare Electronic Document Capture and Processing icon
Healthcare Electronic Document Capture and Processing

Make your data easier to find, share, and use. Our Patient Chart Scanning Solutions digitize your documents and integrates them into your workflow.

Healthcare Fax Service Management icon
Healthcare Fax Service Management

Slash costs while increasing fax security and moving new information directly into your workflow without waiting around for a scan. Our Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare and ICE Fax for Ambulatory Care can help you get there. 

Healthcare Intelligent Forms Management icon
Healthcare Intelligent Forms Management

Get away from paper and toward faster, more efficient document workflow with our Intelligent Forms for Hospitals and Automated Forms Solution for Ambulatory Care

Healthcare Rapid Process Assessment icon
Healthcare Rapid Process Assessment

We assess your business processes and their management, identifying bottlenecks and tailoring solutions to your specific needs and pain points. 

Healthcare Enterprise Output Management icon
Healthcare Enterprise Output Management

Manage and monitor your printer and copier fleet for maximum efficiency, promoting faster, better delivery of healthcare information. 

Featured Solutions

Security Solutions for Ambulatory
Security Solutions for Ambulatory

Protect and manage your patient information

Quick Summary
  • Help protect patient information and confidentiality
  • Better address HIPPA security requirements
  • Capture, manage and transform your information
  • Create a verifiable audit trail for your data
Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare
Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare

Reliable faxing for the digital age

Quick Summary
  • Get easier, faster access to your fax information
  • Reduce phone line and paper costs
  • Better protect patient privacy
  • Spend more time on patient care, not faxing
Intelligent Forms Solution for Hospitals
Intelligent Forms Solution for Hospitals

Better care with consistent, accessible healthcare records

Quick Summary
  • Share information anytime, anywhere
  • Protect sensitive information
  • Reduce paper waste
  • Improve turnaround time
HIM Workflow Manager Solution
HIM Workflow Manager Solution

Bridging the gap between paper and the Electronic Health Record

Quick Summary
  • Transition to digital records and workflows
  • Save time, cut costs, increase productivity
  • Access patient records anytime, anywhere
  • Deal more efficiently with compliance and regulations
Patient Chart Scanning Solutions
Patient Chart Scanning Solutions

Bringing paper into your electronic medical records workflow

Quick Summary
  • Digitize your health records
  • Helps comply with federal regulations, incentives
  • Collaborate and share documents anytime, anywhere
  • Save money, improve patient care
Patient ID Solution for Healthcare
Patient ID Solution for Healthcare

Flexible printing plus patient data protection.

Quick Summary
  • Protect sensitive patient data
  • Safeguard your output tray
  • Lock down wristbands, prescription pads
  • Easily print healthcare-specific media
Secure Plain Paper RX Solution for Healthcare
Secure Plain Paper RX Solution for Healthcare

Protect prescriptions, without expensive paper

Quick Summary
  • Print secured prescriptions with your own paper, equipment
  • Avoid buying inflexible, costly specialized products
  • Helps easily comply with existing security regulations
Automated Forms Solution For Ambulatory Care
Automated Forms Solution For Ambulatory Care

Electronic forms processes that work with you

Quick Summary
  • Focus on patient care, not papers
  • Streamline and automate manual operations
  • Take action to comply with Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • Cuts costs, improve processes
ICE Fax solution for Ambulatory Care
ICE Fax solution for Ambulatory Care

Ricoh brings faxing into the 21st Century

Quick Summary
  • Enjoy simple, effective e-faxing
  • Access your faxes anytime, anywhere
  • Simplify faxing and save money
  • Use the MFP you already have

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Store and search your documents intelligently.

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