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In this new world of work, information is king. It matters how you gather it, how you use it, and—most importantly—how you make it available to your employees. If they can’t collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device they want, your business can’t compete.

The key to this information mobility lies in your people, processes, and technologies. Whether you’re halfway there or starting from square one, Ricoh’s Business Process Services work with you to lay out a roadmap for success — and help you get there. Through process consulting, workflow automation, document conversion and management, and mail services, we’ll get your business and your information humming.

Clear away distractions

When we automate, improve, or even own and operate your key business processes (like accounting), you no longer have to worry about manually pulling information from forms, managing convoluted review processes, or spending hours dealing with the problems of unwieldy paper documents.

We take care of it better, faster, and more efficiently, so you focus on the things that are important to your core business.

More technology, more efficiency, lower costs

When we come in and put better business processes into place, we’re not just adding “stuff.” We’re addressing and eliminating inefficiencies (like slow responses from people who have to review work), and smoothing out trouble spots in your workflow (like inefficient, sometimes inaccurate manual data entry).

The result? Automatically extracted and digitized information is now flying through your organization. And you’re cutting unnecessary costs, saving time, and getting more done than ever before.

Improve your processes, and the rest follows

Once we have your business running more efficiently, with faster response times, fewer bureaucratic snags, and more time available to dedicate to your core business goals, people are bound to notice. That means happier customers and more new customers. That’s the beauty of a well-run organization, and that’s why getting it exactly right for you is so important to us.

Services We Offer

Business Process Consulting icon
Business Process Consulting

We provide an in-depth analysis of your practices and figure out with you ways to improve.

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Workflow Automation icon
Workflow Automation

Jobs automatically move from step to step, ensuring things get done quickly and efficiently.

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Document Conversion Services icon
Document Conversion Services

You’ve got filing cabinets. We’ve got digitization experts. Let’s do this.

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Mail and Digital Mail Services icon
Mail and Digital Mail Services

You get the mail you want, how you want it, and we recycle the rest. It’s that simple.

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