Business Process Consulting

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Do you know where your information is? Where it’s going? How it’s getting there? And who will use it once it does?

If you answered “no,” you’re not alone. Information is the key to your business, but maybe you struggle with:

  • Manual processes and limited resources.
  • Managing the disparate threads of data running throughout your organization.
  • Lost productivity due to human error.
  • Security or compliance issues.

If your information doesn’t move properly, neither will your business. Ricoh’s Business Process Consulting can put you in control of your information. We’ll make sure it moves to whoever needs it, when they need it, in the form they need it.

Let’s start from scratch

We’ve seen enough organizations to know that no two are exactly alike, and no two want exactly the same things. So we don’t come in with a pre-set notion of who you are and what you need. We analyze your people, processes, and workflows in key business areas like accounting. We identify bottlenecks, security risks, and redundancies.

And, most importantly, we listen and understand your organization from the top to the bottom. Not just how it is today, but how you want it to be tomorrow.

Your future, today

After our analysis, we work with you to develop options for improvement. We can even model how things would look if you (or we) implemented our recommendations. Think of it as a try-before-you-buy scenario. This will help you better understand just what you’re capable of — and allow you to make tweaks to your original vision based on having seen how it would work with all of the moving pieces in place.

OK, you’re on board. What now?

Should you decide to implement our recommendations, we’ll not only help put the technology in place, but we’ll also train your employees in the new system’s use. If you like, we can even assist with change management, letting people in your organization know what’s changing, how it affects them, and why these changes are coming. Because we know the best way to make sure change takes hold is to stick around and help out.

Not everyone needs an overhaul

Just because we can drastically alter the system you have in place doesn’t mean we should. That’s why we also offer strategy consulting in a variety of areas of business operations.

Want to rework your document security policies? We can tell you what’s worked for countless clients. Considering changing things up with your printer and copier fleet? No need to go through trial and error when you’ve got years of experience across the desk from you.

Featured Solutions

Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management
Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management

Put your information in its place – that is, anywhere you need it

Quick Summary
  • Digitize your paper information
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere information access
  • Collaborate and communicate effortlessly
  • Track and protect your documents, processes

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