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It’s 3 p.m. Do you know where your documents are?

If you answered “in some filing cabinet,” it’s OK. Maybe you have too many documents, or you struggle to find the right organization, or heck, you’re just really attached to those old filing cabinets.

But the problem is, in today’s new world of work, information has to be easily accessible for your employees, wherever and whenever they need it. And if yours is still tethered to a fragmented army of manila folders, then your employees — and your business — are at a serious disadvantage.

Ricoh’s Content & Document Management can help you tame the chaos of information overload. We’ll help you create a strategy and a system that makes sense of the data you have. Wherever the location, whatever the format, we’ll take your pieces of information and put them together in a way you — and your employees — can use.

Communicate, collaborate, and transform

We’ll work with the digital information you have. But we’ll also help you digitize and organize your hardcopy documents. We’ll do away with strict departmental divisions that hamper both collaboration and your workers’ ability to find information.

 We can set up a centralized storage hub — with the right metadata, tagging, and indexing — so that you can find exactly what you need, when you need it. We can even set up a system where multiple authorized people can work from the same document at once, from whichever device they prefer.

Bottom line? You and your employees can collaborate anywhere, anytime — and transform your business into an agile 21st century machine.

A document security policy a bit tighter than opening a filing cabinet

Of course, what good is information mobility if your data isn’t safe? Your old filing cabinet at least had locks, after all.

Never worry. We can set up systems that allow for simple, powerful document collaboration with:

  • Tiered privileges that protect sensitive information — some users can view, others can edit, and some can’t even see that a document exists.
  • Password-protected document access.
  • A list of every time anyone viewed a document, or made changes to it.

We’re also aware some sensitive (or simply space-filling) documents need to be deleted after their useful life has ended. We can provide you with methods to set expiration timers on these, which, when triggered, will safely and completely delete files.

You have to know yourself to better yourself

Did you get that fortune cookie, too? We can provide you with analytic tools to discover and help you excise inefficiencies. These tools stay with you, so you can see that things not only have gotten better, but they’re also staying better.

You’re always moving. Your working documents should be, too

From creation to review to approval to anywhere else you need a document to go, we can set up systems that keep it on track, sailing over typical bumps in the road that occur in the journey between departments.

Featured Solutions

Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management
Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management

Put your information in its place – that is, anywhere you need it

Quick Summary
  • Digitize your paper information
  • Enjoy anytime, anywhere information access
  • Collaborate and communicate effortlessly
  • Track and protect your documents, processes