Document Conversion Services

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What you need, where and how you need it

Your business is agile, versatile, responsive. Your file cabinets … are not.

The good news is we can fix that. Ricoh’s Document Conversion isn’t just an electronic scanning service for your documents. It’s a full-service solution to manage your information better.


We’ll help you move those stacks of paper to an accessible place. Our document capture and centralized, cloud-based storage solutions, with security features, can help keep your information safe, sound, and instantly accessible. And with this new information mobility, your endless files won’t hold you back any longer— you can collaborate, communicate, and work where you want, how you want.

Better than gluing legs to your file cabinet, right?

Streamline your business

Paper is messy. Dealing with it slows down your processes and burdens your staff. Lost or misplaced files can create regulatory or compliance issues. And storing all that paper and keeping it safe? Well, that’s neither cheap nor easy.

With Ricoh's Document Conversion Services, your paper headaches are a thing of the past. With electronic information comes better workflows, more reliable records, and, perhaps most importantly, cost and productivity benefits.

Access your information anytime, anywhere.

Have you ever noticed that whenever you need a document, someone’s just taken it from the records room? Well, not anymore.

With one of our numerous cloud storage solutions, you can access your documents anytime, anywhere. Even better, you can set levels of control for each individual user and document. Who can view this document? Who can make changes? How do we handle those decisions? You make the call. We make it happen.

No office? No problem. Scan on the go.  

Sometimes you need to scan something, and your nearest multi-function product (MFP) is hundreds of miles away. Or four feet away, just out of arm’s reach (no judgment!).

No need to get up or get to an office. With us, your mobile devices can do document capture for you, wherever you go, so working without an office doesn’t have to mean working without office tools and support.

Find it quickly, easily in the cloud

You have a lot of documents to manage. Tell us how you want them indexed — or, if you’re not sure, just ask us what we think — and it’s as good as done.

We make sure your documents are meticulously categorized and organized, so searching for them is quick and intuitive. We can work to improve the systems you already have in place, or we can build something new and beautiful together. We don’t care whose idea it is. We just make it work.

Featured Solutions

Accounts Payable for SMB
Accounts Payable for SMB

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Quick Summary
  • Take control of your cash flow
  • Turn around requests faster
  • Extract paper information automatically
  • Cut costs, save time, reduce errors

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