Mail Services

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Do it efficiently and effectively

The speed of your information demands an efficient operation, especially when it comes to your inbound and outbound mail. Any inefficiencies can clog up the whole works, including:

  • Regulatory or security demands.
  • The high cost of postage and handling.
  • The poor fit that paper-based information has in your new digital world.

You can’t afford to have the flow of your information slow to a crawl. With our Mail Services, you don’t have to. From workflow consulting to our on-site mail center management technologies — and everything in between — we’ll keep your critical communications on track, and your information mobile.

When was the last time you saw a letter do that?

Make sure the right information reaches you

Your incoming mail can’t afford to sit around or get lost. Our Digital Mail Services create a smarter strategy for your mailroom. We capture, classify, and distribute your mail electronically. We can automate and streamline your processes, and our analytics provide continuous support and improvement.

For packages and mail, we can set up a digital locker system. It notifies employees when mail arrives, along with a unique code for accessing it. Once they do so, the system is notified, and you can update your records accordingly. 

Like the rest of our services, it’s the perfect support for your mobile workforce. No holes in the process, no high cost employees tediously carrying letters to and from the mailroom. It’s information that moves at the speed you need it to.

And make sure the right information reaches them

Inbound mail, of course, is only half the problem. Are you struggling to pass along your information to your valued business contacts?

Our Mail Services support your high volumes of outgoing transactional mail. With our technologies, we’ll improve your workflow and automate processes. You’ll save time, improve the efficiency of your critical communication and speed up employee collaboration.

All that, and we can help you to reduce costs and improve quality at the same time. That’s mail service you can be proud of.

Proceed at your own pace

Whether you want hands-on help or simple benchmarking, offsite or on-site help, our Mail Services by Ricoh are scalable according to your needs. Our digital strategies and solutions focus on your people, your processes, and your technologies, and make sure all three come together to form the best mail system for you.