Workflow Automation

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Information without aggravation

Your organization has a lot of forms – accounting forms, insurance claim forms, information request forms, and so on – which often means a lot of lose-able, coffee-spill-on-able, has-to-be-carried-everywhere paper. And we’re guessing it isn’t your love of manual data entry, sending reminder emails, or tracking forms that gets you through your day.

Well, thanks to Ricoh’s Workflow Automation services, you no longer have to wade through stacks of paper to get the information you need. We can help you outsource and automate many paper-based functions, such as data extraction, special processing / exception handling, and validation.

We’ll get your information off the page and where it needs to go, quickly and efficiently. We’re not just document experts; we’re experts at helping you capture, manage, and transform your information.  You get data you can use to drive your business — and a lot more time to do your actual job.

Paperwork is going to need a new name

Our automation services address four key areas of your business:

  • Consulting: We’ll work with you to design the ideal solution
  • Process: We’ll define or refine the ideal workflows for your business
  • Document Lifecycle: We’ll capture, store, and deliver your hardcopy documents
  • Data Lifecycle: We’ll extract your important information from those documents, and put it where you need it.

We can also help you bypass paper altogether and create forms that live and work digitally, ready to be filled out on any device. Your paperwork gets done faster, easier and more accurately. Your information will move more smoothly. And everything gets stored more intelligently — as well-indexed, easily searchable digital files you can access from anywhere, so you’re always in the loop.

Add, subtract, multiply and manage

Accounts payable (AP) and accounts receivable (AR) are two important areas that are especially labor- and paper-intensive. Whether you need help with secure deposits, special processing / exception handling, purchase order matching, or just managing the flow of data validation and entry from all of your accounts, Workflow Solutions has your back.

Our AP and AR solutions will streamline your workflows and your practices to help you manage your information, save money, reduce errors, and shorten your payment cycles.

Watch this!

Our analytic tools will allow you to pick out inefficiencies in your current process. If you want our help getting rid of them, we’ll suggest and implement improvements. With our vast experience and knowledge, we can even show you how your operation’s workflow stacks up against others.

With the level of oversight afforded by our in-depth analytic tools, coupled with our trove of data on comparable operations within your industry, you will see just how good you’ve become.

Featured Solutions

Accounts Payable for SMB
Accounts Payable for SMB

Your on-ramp for speedy, paperless billing

Quick Summary
  • Take control of your cash flow
  • Turn around requests faster
  • Extract paper information automatically
  • Cut costs, save time, reduce errors

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