IT Infrastructure Services

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The right IT infrastructure begins with information mobility

In today’s new world of work, technology, trends, and security threats change at a head-spinning rate. Now more than ever, having the right IT infrastructure to deliver information mobility—access to your organization’s data anytime, anywhere—is something you can’t live without.

By partnering with Ricoh's IT Infrastructure Services team, you'll be working with experts who can help you navigate this chaotic landscape, and make sure your information works for you—not against you.

Information, not cash, is king

Your IT department is the keeper and protector of your business’s vital information. However, IT managers everywhere are dealing with limited staff and tight budgets. Many are hampered by lack of visibility into their network solutions, unpredictable support costs, uncertainty about new technologies, and cloud confusion.

Well, write up your wish list, because we can provide "everything IT," your place or ours. We can make sure that information flows freely into, out of, and throughout your organization, so workers can do their jobs and collaborate whenever and wherever a conversation needs to take place.

Services We Offer

Backup & Security Solutions icon
Backup & Security Solutions

We help keep your information safe, organized, and accessible to your entire workforce with backup and restore, endpoint security, IP surveillance, and other services essential for business continuity.

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Engineered IT Solutions icon
Engineered IT Solutions

Build a network from the ground up or fine tune the one you have, prepare schematics, and develop a living roadmap.

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Managed IT Services icon
Managed IT Services

Offload IT management to us. We'll support your entire IT infrastructure for one monthly fee, with onsite, offsite, and cloud options. Includes monitoring, desktop support, help desk, hosted email/collaboration, and more.

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Cloud Services icon
Cloud Services

Ricoh's Cloud Services provide on demand computing and help you keep information accessible.

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