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Bring in the data protection experts

Here's a dilemma that plays out in many companies:  IT resources are stretched so thin it's impossible to keep up with security threats and the latest technologies for dealing with them. Yet, if you don't keep up, your vital information — R&D notes,  medical records, strategic plans, even that 20-page contract you’ve just written — could be gone in a flash. What’s a company to do?

The good news is that you don't have to become security and backup experts on your own. Engage Ricoh's Backup and Security Solutions, and you have a partner with the know-how and tools to ease your mind when it comes to data protection, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Reduce your exposure to threats

You wouldn't want a mechanic to diagnose your car without seeing it, so why would you want a "blind" security proposal?  That’s why we work with you hands-on every step of the way, as we:

  • Conduct an onsite IT security assessment that allows us to get to know your business, as well as requirements for backup and restore, authentication, and compliance.
  • Manage strategy/design, implementation, and training, all overseen by an experienced project manager.
  • Provide any needed maintenance and support after your solution is in place. We'll also meet with you every quarter to discuss changes we — or you — may want to make to keep your information as safe as possible.

Protect your critical information wherever it travels

Given how much your information flies to and from the office the need to protect it with network security and endpoint security is essential.  We include unified threat management, VPN appliances, web filtering, and the software you need to foil threats and enable fearless collaboration.

You can boost both your collaboration and your backup with Syncplicity by EMC, which lets you access, edit, share and sync information in the office or on the road. Rest easy knowing that your workers will have anytime, anywhere, any device access to your data, all while helping you maintain security and compliance requirements.

And when you need to keep an eye on things, we've got 20/20 vision with IP surveillance and authenticated building and network access.

Pay the right amount for the right data protection

If your solution doesn't precisely match your requirements, you may not only end up paying too much or too little — you may get the wrong technology, period. That may not seem like a problem, until you have to explain to the bosses why you can’t quickly and accurately restore your company’s data.

Our experts can help you avoid such pitfalls. We know the choices inside and out, and can recommend what's best for your situation. Regardless of the physical or virtual nature of your information and infrastructure, we'll build, facilitate, and manage a solution that is laser-focused on your recovery objectives.

Featured Solutions

IT Backup and Recovery Services for SMB
IT Backup and Recovery Services for SMB

Your data—safeguarded

Quick Summary
  • Protect your data in case of disaster or outage
  • Maintain anytime, anywhere information access
  • Get a solution tailored to your needs, goals
  • Enjoy pricing that’s ideal for SMB budgets

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