Engineered IT Solutions

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Drive Information, Drive Revenue

It’s easy to think IT is just about networks, servers, and user devices. But the true value of IT is much bigger. In a global economy, your IT infrastructure manages and protects the information that is your organization's livelihood. And when your network isn’t the best it can be, that information doesn’t reach the people who need it to do their jobs — so collaboration and revenue suffers.

Ricoh's Engineered IT Solutions experts make sure you have the right components working together like clockwork, so if you listen closely, you'll hear the hum of a well-tuned engine — not the sound of your business misfiring. 

Be prepared for more complexity ahead

Network optimization is daunting, especially as you look to the future and see converged infrastructures, virtualization, and ever-growing security concerns. Without the correct system in place, your IP can fall into the wrong hands, or interoperability issues can cause havoc. Even worse, your critical information may be unavailable, missing, or delayed.

Our Engineered IT Solutions experts build networks day in and day out, and they can keep you on the leading edge while saving you time, money, and stress.

Make savvy, sound IT infrastructure investments

Whether you need to build a network infrastructure from scratch or fine tune the one you have, it's essential to think through your IT charter, prepare schematics, and develop a living roadmap. Our Engineered IT Solutions team makes sure these fundamentals are in place before we flip the switch, so you can feel good about your investments. With the right plan, which includes disaster recovery and business continuity, information is available and accessible whenever and wherever it's needed.

Start with a network assessment

The Engineered IT Solutions team begins with a network assessment, followed by design, procurement, installation, and configuration of complete network infrastructures, including:

  • Servers
  • Operating systems
  • Network-attached storage
  • Switches
  • Routers, software
  • User devices
  • Mobile device security
  • Virtualization

We'll bring in the right components and integrate them for businesses of any size. And, we'll train your administrators and provide maintenance and support.

Streamline network server refreshes and migrations

Servers tend to multiply faster than you can say "server farm." Many companies automatically replace ailing or trailing-edge servers without considering workloads, space, or energy consumption. After all, they run your apps, so they must be necessary, right?

When we work with you on server refreshes or server migrations, we keep your financial targets, innovation, and customer service in mind. We’ll evaluate your applications, application-to-server ratios, and service levels. With the appropriate server course corrections, you can operate efficiently, reduce capital outlay, and save space and energy.

Provide mobile collaboration tools

Today's workers need tools that are easy to use in the office or on the road. We can help you improve communication and collaboration. One (or more) of these common solutions may fit right at home at your company: 

  • Turn computers into phones, complete with functions like caller ID, transfer to email, call routing, and more.
  • Implement digital signing, which enables customers to sign for purchases using an iPhone or retailer's PDA.
  • Make education interesting and interactive with projectors and video conferencing that allow you to manage and manipulate documents in up to 20 locations.

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