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See the big picture of managed copy/print services

A lot goes into managing your copy, print, and mail services. Cost is important, sure. But the big picture goes way beyond your budget.

It means having the proper technology, people, and processes in place. You need to not only offer the right services at the right price, but also make sure your operation accurately complies with all regulations, and is prepared for disaster recovery.

Most importantly, it means that your employees have access to the crucial information they need, when and where they need it.

A managed print solution, Copy/Print Services helps keep your people productive and your information mobile. We assess your situation, top to bottom, and recommend the right production print workflows, hardware, and software. Our people can even work on your behalf in our 1,500+ copy/print centers or onsite in your offices. They’ll handle the copying, printing, and digitizing hard-copy documents, speeding up information delivery throughout your organization.

Expand your team with trained, business-savvy people

Staffing for printing services isn't your core business, but it is ours. We hire motivated, business savvy people who understand the industries they’re placed in, from healthcare to legal. They've been specifically trained and certified so they can add value immediately.

Furthermore, our solutions provide best practices and smart technology for work submission, job tracking, reporting, and chargeback. Or, if you want to start small, let's talk about Business Process Outsourcing — we'll manage your accounts receivable (AR), accounts payable (AP), or other processes with Workflow Automation.

Produce documents perfectly and get the reports to prove it

Document compliance can keep you up at night, especially when accuracy, regulation, customization, personalization, or reporting is involved. Your most critical communications deserve RICOH ProcessDirector software.

RICOH ProcessDirector tracks every document, and if a piece goes missing or is damaged, the software automatically reprints the piece. You need 100 percent integrity? Let us help you achieve it.

You also can bring one-off business communications into your high-volume production print and mail stream. Ricoh's InfoPrint Office On-Ramp "merges" all pieces so they can be tracked for accuracy and sorted for the lower postage rate.

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