Mobile Printing

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Make print security a reality

In this new world of work, your employees need to be mobile. Wherever they are and whatever devices they’re using, give them the tools they need to access, use, and share information easily with enhanced security—all while staying within your budget.

With our Mobile Printing Solutions, we can assess your situation, make recommendations, and implement an onsite infrastructure, offsite infrastructure, or both. Our solutions are optimized for Ricoh devices, but are fully capable in mixed-fleet environments, so everybody wins.

Scan, route, and print jobs without a hitch

Being mobile shouldn’t mean being cut-off from your information. Thanks to our Mobile Printing solutions, you don’t have to be. Ricoh's Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) platform provides mobile optical character recognition (OCR) and search capabilities, which means you can scan documents on the go, route them to more than 10 cloud file services apps — including Ricoh's DocumentMall, Google Drive and Box — and print to your ICE-enabled devices.

Enable hassle-free office color mobile printing

Printing high-quality color mockups at the office is probably pretty easy. But on the road? Well, that can be tricky. Your workers need to count on high-quality print support, on or off the network, and you don’t have IT resources to spare to support mobile printing.

Everyone wins with a color mobile printing hosted cloud-based solution. Authorized users can send jobs from a browser, email, print driver, or IOS device to Ricoh's Flex Release CX Print Server, and print stored jobs on any connected multi-function printer (MFP).

Your mobile workers get peace of mind, and your IT team can focus on other priorities.

Empower mobile workers your way

Thanks to mobility initiatives, IT spending is on the rise. But what if your company can’t just double down on IT staff and investments to support an increasing army of BYOD devices and mobile workers?

Relax, we've got this.

We'll consult with you and customize a mobile worker service, which includes cloud-based centralized data storage, encryption, audit trails, Ricoh's HotSpot mobile printing, and more. We’ll make sure that you’ll be able to support all the requirements that come your way, including:

  • Remote printing and access to data.
  • Cross-platform collaboration.
  • Individual data backup.
  • Device support.

Combine private cloud and guard dog: HotSpot Enterprise

Give your mobile workers freedom of choice to print from anywhere via email, web, mobile app, or Windows driver. Just install Hotspot Enterprise on a server on your network.

It acts like a private cloud that safeguards each stage in a document's lifecycle, starting with user authentication. And it works with any operating system, smartphone, tablet, and virtually all print output devices. All you have to do is say "good boy" once in a while.

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