Output Management Solutions

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Get a grip on your print practices and expenses

You can't manage what you can't monitor, and one of the least monitored back-office expenses is the output from your printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers. With an Output Management Solution from Ricoh, you can see clearly what's being printed, how it's being printed, and how much it costs.

And once you have that information, we can help you develop and implement a print fleet management strategy for your multivendor devices. With our tools and technologies, you can make smarter decisions and control your workflow with ease.

How do you want to define print optimization for your organization?

Bolster your budget

Printing doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg. An active print management strategy can help you cut costs with little effect on quality. With our Output Cost Management Services, you can decide if you want to simply monitor output and costs — or seize control by:

  • Authenticating users.
  • Directing print to the most cost-effective devices.
  • Enforcing duplex printing.
  • Defaulting to black-and-white.
  • Making sure everyone pays their fair share with precise charge back records.

Select the right shade of green for your fleet

Trying to figure out how to apply your organization's sustainability strategy to your fleet of networked printers and multi-function printers (MFPs)? We understand your pain. It's daunting to get your arms around carbon footprints and the environmental impact of paper usage, aging equipment, recycled ink, and toner cartridges.

Not to worry. You need intel, and our total cost of ownership (TCO) and @Remote tools supply it. But you also have our Managed Fleet Optimization. When your workflow processes, device strategy, and green strategy are aligned, you can reduce energy costs and supply consumption — and keep Mother Nature happy.

Manage output devices centrally

You wish "the daily grind" referred to your favorite coffee blend. Instead, it's what your staff does every day: checking toner, ink, and paper; taking meter reads; and upgrading firmware . It’s all very time consuming because every device receives individual attention.

Instead of constantly sending a person down the hall or to the next building, save time, money, and effort by operating everything centrally. With our Device Management Solutions tools, you can centralize document workflow and copier fleet management, monitoring, and configuration.

From a single interface, you can view printers, IP addresses, status alerts, and upgrade firmware and change settings — from anywhere and any device.   At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to:

  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to manage multiple vendors.
  • Understand your fleet management costs through detailed reports.
  • Apply print management policies: color versus black and white, single versus duplex, etc.
  • Charge back to internal departments or vendors.

Better information at your fingertips, and more time to apply it to your business. What’s not to like?

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