Accounts Payable for SMB

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Take control of your cash flow

With Accounts Payable, details are key. That’s why you have to be so fastidious in checking them, even when you’ve got requests piling up and “helpful” reminders from vendors or other departments that they’d like you to deal with their invoices ASAP.

Ricoh’s Accounts Payable for Small- to-Medium-Sized Businesses puts the critical accounting information you need right in your hands — helping you take control of your cash flow.

A direct line from invoice to AP

We can set it up so that other departments scan invoices  directly into the Accounts Payable workflow with the push of a button on their multifunction printer (MFP). Names, PO numbers, dates, monetary amounts — all will be ready for processing, without the time and errors of manual entry. With the right information at your fingertips, you can pay invoices faster and lower costs associated with late, inaccurate, or lost payments.

Provide forms for review quickly and easily

Once you’ve processed an Accounts Payable request, you can send the digital file right back to the request’s originator so they can review it right away. That’s a lot less hassle than getting a paper document to them, and they’ll appreciate the quick turnaround time.

Cut costs associated with paper

Printing different versions of forms, faxing or couriering them long distances, and storing completed forms can be costly. Digitizing Accounts Payable requests from the start dodges all of these issues, in addition to speeding and facilitating collaboration.

Benefits to your business

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Faster turnaround time on requests

Slash request turnaround time — and departmental and interdepartmental stress — by making it easier to place, review, and approve requests.

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Cut costs associated with paper back-and-forths

Save time and money by digitizing the conversation between Accounts Payable and other departments

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Reduce errors and lessen burdens on your AP department

Automatically extract Accounts Payable-relevant information from invoices. Reduce manual processes, thereby decreasing errors and giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

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