Architectural and Engineering Scan and Archive

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Build a better blueprint storage

You generate a lot of blueprints. Big, unwieldy, difficult-to-store blueprints. You need to keep them close by, but searching through them to find what you need can be a chore.

Not anymore. Ricoh’s Architectural and Engineering Scan and Archive can help you digitize those documents, making it easy to manage your information and find what you need, where and when you need it.

Where did you put all of those?

You can label your documents meticulously and file them well, but it will still take a while to leaf through them to find what you’re looking for. When your documents are digital, you have greater flexibility in your storage methods. When it comes to searching for and finding your documents, it’s as simple as typing its name — or whichever related words you’ve had us associate with it.

You can also collaborate much easier, since two people will be able to view a digital document at the same time, regardless of where they physically are.

Protect yourself and your clients

No matter how much you protect yourself and your records room, some acts of nature just can’t be avoided. Should something happen to your physical blueprints, the digital archive we’ve helped you create will make sure your work lives on — as does your relationship with your clients.

Keep track of it all

Printing blueprints requires special equipment and materials, which means figuring out who pays whom (and how much) for printing is an important issue that needs a quick, clear answer. We can set up your system to sort jobs by category and provide detailed reports on print jobs, allowing for easy back-billing and budgeting.

Benefits to your business

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Clear-cut expenses

Quickly and easily back bill for print expenses. Estimate print budgets more effectively, thanks to comprehensive reports of your print operations.

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Safety in numbers

Protect records from catastrophe with remote backups in the cloud.

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Instant information access, collaboration

Search and find blueprints faster. Collaborate with shareable digital blueprints.

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