Automated Forms Solution For Ambulatory Care

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Manage your patient information

As an ambulatory care facility, you have to keep a lot of records. That usually means paper forms, which unfortunately can:

  • Increase your costs through printing and paper.
  • Burden you with unnecessary data entry.
  • Increase patient wait times.
  • Decrease quality of care thanks to tampering or handwriting issues.

Find a better way to manage your patient information with Ricoh’s Automated Forms Solution for Ambulatory Care. We’ll help you move to a digital records process that reduces costs, streamlines your operation, and maximizes the number of patients you see each day.

Less time on paperwork, more time on patients

Our system reduces the time it takes to process and maintain patient information. Digital records are automatically sent for review when necessary, saving and indexing them every step of the way. At any given time your patient information is easy to find, allowing for a quick response. 

The end result? You have more time to spend working with patients, increasing quality of care and decreasing wait times. 

Insert preferred doctor handwriting joke here

It’s an old joke, but illegible handwriting is no laughing matter when it comes to your patients. Taking notes on a secured electronic device not only eliminates the problem of indecipherable handwriting; it also helps you move paperwork and patient information faster down the line.

Stay competitive, stay compliant

With our help in setting up a program to electronically capture patient information and store it with security, you can take steps to become compliant with Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, keeping your budget safe by avoiding reimbursement penalties.

Benefits to your business

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Focus on patients, not papers

Keep information moving while cutting patient wait time and increasing patient interaction time.

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Cut costs, not trees

Save paper, money, and trees by switching to digital records. Avoid lost, damaged, or hard-to-find information with a well-indexed storage system.

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Keep what you earn

When you comply with Title XIII of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, you avoid penalties.

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