Campus Mail Solutions for Universities

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Earn a big stamp of approval for campus mail services

College students grew up with technology, so they expect information to be at their fingertips. They want everything to be high-tech and fast — which traditional campus mail centers are not. Manual mail-handling processes aren't time or space efficient, and there may be security gaps.

By outsourcing and automating your mail management with Ricoh’s Campus Mail Solutions for Universities, you can fulfill student expectations for information mobility while providing fast, efficient, low-cost service.

Evolve from mail room to service center with managed mail services

We can help you meet student expectations and earn an A+ for efficiency. We start with an assessment of workflow, space, staff, automation, and point-of-sale requirements. All elements can be part of one integrated process that includes:

  • A mail concierge.
  • High-density, rolling mailbox racks.
  • Barcodes.
  • Visibility and accountability of packages as they move throughout the campus.

Start working on your wish list. Self-service kiosks for supplies and packages? Check. Improved mail and package security? Check. Your new, modern, high-tech mail center can make expensive real estate available for other uses—all while drastically bringing down student wait times.

Benefits to your business

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Make campus mail costs a smaller budget item

Reduce labor costs by replacing manual mail sorting and distribution processes with a modern, automated system. Make the best use of available floor space. Sell revenue-generating merchandise like envelopes and greeting cards.

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Improve the quality and consistency of processes

Impress students with ultra-short wait times and ultra-fast delivery of mail and packages that can be picked up anytime. Increase mail security with tracking and accountability.

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Give students the high-tech experience they prefer

Offer a full-service, on-campus mail center that uses technology like package kiosks and digital lockers to enable a friendly, efficient experience. Implement point-of-sale systems so students can rate-shop the leading carriers, all in one place.

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