Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management

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Content management for a new era

In today’s new world of work, being out of the office or in a separate department is no excuse for not having the information you need to do your job.

That’s why Ricoh’s Consulting Services for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is so important. It makes sure your information goes where you go, enabling remote collaboration and remote work, at a faster pace (and less expensive price point) than paper can offer.

Retrieve, collaborate on, send and receive information quickly and easily

Information stuck in silos (or in hard-copies) does you little good when you need it on the go. Digitize that data from your old paper documents, and access your critical business information — no matter the original format — wherever your work takes you.

You can now collaborate faster and more cost-effectively than ever before — at exactly the speed your business demands.

Find the method that’s right for you

Whether you need to just work on one aspect of your content management, or you need a total overhaul — or you don’t know exactly what you want — we’re here to help. We’ll carefully analyze your current organization, and create a custom approach to meet your needs.

Monitor your progress

With in-depth analytic tools at your disposal, you can keep a careful eye on how your business is running currently, and then watch it change as your new ECM system is implemented. Spot new inefficiencies, and control the way your information is used, stored, and moved.

Benefits to your business

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Enjoy information at your fingertips

Find and access the information you need quickly and easily. Create a backup for documents to keep your business running in case of disaster.

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Work together, even when apart

Collaborate on projects remotely by working together on live-updating documents, cutting out wait times and costs associated with manually shipping annotated documents back and forth.

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Track and protect documents, processes

Monitor the way information moves through your organization. Protect it to comply with regulatory mandates. Manage records’ lifecycles, setting information to remain on your system for as long or as short a time as you’d like.

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