Document Management Solution For Real Estate Brokers

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Information at the speed of real estate

As brokers and realtors, you’re often out in the world. That means your documents are, too. Instead of printing and carrying all the documents you could ever need — or, worse, having to unexpectedly go back to print more — why not take control of your information?

Ricoh’s Document Management Solution for Real Estate Brokers makes it easy to access and print the documents you need, wherever and whenever you need them.

Don’t leave your agents hanging

Your agents are on the ground, helping clients as best they can. Don’t make them come all the way back to the office to retrieve or submit information while clients taps their feet and glare at their watches. Make use of our Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE), which lets you view, scan, move, or print documents in the field, getting paperwork rolling faster than ever before

And with all that digital sharing, a lot of budget suddenly gets freed up. You’ll be buying less paper, using fewer couriers, and paying to store fewer physical documents. What are you going to do with all that cash?

Protect your clients and customers

People trust real estate brokers with very sensitive information. Paper documents are hard to secure, and there’s no way of knowing who has viewed a paper document. That’s why we keep sensitive documents in a cloud, and use 128-bit encrypted transmissions between devices and the cloud.

Benefits to your business

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Information where you need it

Driverless printing from mobile devices allows your agents to present potential customers with paper forms when they need them, without coming back to home base. Once forms are filled out, agents can scan documents in the field and send them back via email or to the cloud.

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Faster turnaround

Digitization lets you move applications and other documents into review processes before the ink has dried. That means you can get responses faster, which can make the difference in securing a deal.

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Foster trust

Protect customers’ and clients’ sensitive information with baked-in security from Ricoh solutions. Show them that there will be more than a metal box protecting their Social Security numbers.

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