Document Output Security for County Government

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Protection for your critical information

As a government office, you handle a lot of sensitive documents that need to be kept secure. You also need to print a lot of those documents, and paper is an inherently unsecure medium. Ricoh’s Document Output Security for County Government can help keep your information safe — from computer to data stream to printer to tray to your hand.

Secure a print tray everyone uses

Just because your office printer is conveniently located in between everyone’s desk doesn’t mean you want everything you print to be left unattended there. We can set up ID badge or code access so when you send a print job, it doesn’t start printing until you go to the device, log in, and give it the OK to begin.

What about attacks more serious than simple print tray stalkers?

When you’re dealing with Social Security numbers, financial data, tax rolls and other highly sensitive information, some attackers will be willing to go above and beyond staking out your print tray.

That’s why we encrypt the flow of data between your computer — or smartphone, tablet, or other devices — and your printer. We can also help you establish and enforce policies that ensure only authorized personnel can access the printers you use for sensitive documents. You can also manage or monitor who is using your printers and for what, which not only helps keep information safe, but it can help eliminate costly and unnecessary print jobs.

Meet standards; exceed expectations

You’re not alone in knowing how important your security is. We understand the multiple safeguards and regulations that dictate how you keep documents and data secure — and we can help make sure your system is up to snuff.

Benefits to your business

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Protect physical documents, cut waste

Reduce waste with at-printer job confirmation, eliminating accidental and unnecessary printing. Increase security of shared printers with user verification for pull printing.

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Lock down data streams

Encrypt the data flow between your devices and your printers to help protect sensitive information.

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Ensure regulatory compliance

Support regulatory requirements with strong security policies.

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