Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare

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Information at the speed of healthcare

It’s a digital information age, but like a lot of healthcare providers, you probably still need to use a fax machine. It can be quick and easy, but also costly and unsecure. You’re not only paying for paper and print materials, but leaving that information open to anyone who walks by. And not to mention that it probably doesn’t integrate well with your existing digital processes. 

Boost your bottom line — and your patients’ privacy — with Ricoh’s Enterprise Fax Server Solution for Healthcare. We’ll set up an electronic faxing system that’s just as quick and easy, but better for privacy, and better integrated with your systems.

Paper faxes are fast, but are they efficient?

Maybe not, if it means that you have to wait by a specific machine, away from your other (often life-saving) duties. And once you have it, carrying it around and protecting it in a hectic hospital environment. 

Our software-based solution lets you receive electronic faxes to your mobile devices, so you don’t have to waste time at the fax machine.  Protecting a fax is as simple as putting your phone back in your pocket, or your tablet back in its case. Also, electronic faxes are easier to track, and create standardized policies that make compliance with HIPAA and other regulations simpler, as you always know who has faxed what, where, and when.

Put more money in your medical budget

Because electronic faxing is a software-based approach, you can minimize or eliminate long-distance phone charges by intelligently (and automatically) routing documents. You can also cut out unnecessary phone lines and paper and print materials, giving your budget a lot more wiggle room. 

Patient privacy is important to you

Us, too. That’s why we recommend electronic faxes, which can only be retrieved by the intended recipient. And without a physical tray for received faxes to pile up on, you won’t have to spend time sorting through the tray to find what you need, and you no longer risk multi-page documents getting shuffled together.

Benefits to your business

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Save time

Reduce time awaiting faxes at the machine. Enjoy anytime, anywhere access to your information by receiving and reading faxes on your mobile device.

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Boost your budget

Cut infrastructure, print material, and long-distance phone call costs.

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Secured records

Prevent medical records from languishing on fax machines’ output trays. Send electronic faxes directly to their intended recipients — security and convenience. 

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Organize faxes quickly and easily

Safely store, index, and categorize your information. Easily search through your archived faxes to find what you need, when you need it.

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