Exception Scanning Solution for Insurance

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Ensure a better scanning option

In insurance, you’re always looking for better ways the handle the sheer amount of documents that come your way. Maybe you’ve manually scanned them for a long time. But the sheer effort  involved — especially with damaged or stapled documents — makes it a poor option for this new world of work.

Fortunately, Ricoh’s Exception Scanning Solution for Insurance offers you a better alternative. We can help you quickly capture, transform, and manage your information flow — even the problem pieces — anytime, anywhere you need to.

There’s a staple in here!

Stop everything! Or not. A single staple no longer has to bring your whole scanning operation to a halt. When we come across something like this, we simply take it out of the high-speed workflow and scan it separately, quickly and easily routing the digital file to join its brethren once the high-volume job wraps up.

Don’t wait to scan problem pages

You don’t have to wait until the end to scan the crumpled documents you’ve been flattening on the scanner’s edge. As the production scanner tears through your other files, you can scan your torn files with an MFD on the side, which can then send the digital file to the same location as the other ones.

No waiting, no disconnect, as your documents emerge intact and mobile on the other side. The increased efficiency alone could make your two-scanner solution cost less in the long run than just the one.

Benefits to your business

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Fast, accurate capture

Don’t let problem pages slow production scanning. Increase efficiency by scanning stapled, crumpled, and damaged documents separately from production scanning. Prevent and rectify capture errors resulting from such documents.

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Two machines, one destination

Categorize and index captured files, hassle-free. Merge MFD-scanned files with relevant production-scanned files.

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Hit the ground running

Collaborate and work remotely with ease, taking full advantage of your digitized, mobile information. Send digitized documents promptly into a well-managed workflow.

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