HIM Workflow Manager Solution

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A better health records solution — stat!

Moving from paper health records to electronic ones is challenging enough. But figuring out all of the workflows and processes around electronic records, while still cutting costs? That’s something else entirely.

There’s no need to figure it out on your own. Ricoh’s HIM Workflow Manager Solution will help you transform your clunky, manual, paper-based processes into a fast, digital machine. You’ll gain more control over your information than ever before — and help your budget while doing it.

Convert piles of paper to easy-to-access electronic records

With our expertise and tools, you'll receive everything you need to accurately and efficiently set up electronic health records (HRE) — assessment, consulting, implementation, software, multifunction printers (MFPs) for scanning, and training. Then, with a few keystrokes, your workers can access the information they need, when they need it, for patient care, compliance, and business transactions. 

Reduce operational costs based on healthcare best practices

Paper-intensive environments are expensive. So the DocuWare Electronic Content Management (ECM) software scans, indexes, synchronizes them with patient metadata, and stores them electronically. Then, they can be automatically exported for coding, instead of passing through multiple hands that raise the risk of error. 

The use of MFPs helps you automate electronic capture processes for many healthcare and hospital functions — admission/registration, labs, medical records, and explanations of benefits (EOBs). 

Best yet, you can reduce your operational costs for printing, shipping, storing, and sharing all that paper. 

Retrieve, view and share a patient's entire file

A paper chart can be only in one place at a time. But e-records? They can be anywhere the authorized users are, at the point of care or behind the scenes. Enable caregivers to pull a complete patient file in a single search and view the medical records, as well as advance directives, legal documents, insurance information, and so on.

Support compliance with industry regulations

It takes a long time to prepare a compliance report if you have to sift through paper records and reconstruct a series of actions and times. With electronic workflows, you can pull up the relevant details in seconds. Built-in audit trails can help you show compliance with HIPAA, JCAHO, Meaningful Use, and other regulations. All without paper cuts, and at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits to your business

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Enhance patient care

Reduce delays in care delivery because healthcare workers can access electronic records quickly and easily, even at the bedside.

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Increase operational efficiency

Give paper documents the full treatment: scanning, indexing, synchronizing with patient metadata, and e-storage. When you work with e-records, you can reduce errors and see an increase in productivity.

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Reduce cost

Automate electronic capture, deficiency management, unsigned orders management, legal medical record consolidation, release of information, and more.

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Satisfy compliance and accountability requirements

Create audit trails and help support compliance with HIPAA, JCAHO, Meaningful Use, and other industry regulations.

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