In-House eDiscovery for Legal

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When an eDiscovery request comes in, the pressure is on no matter how sound your record-keeping is. Don’t worry: You don’t have to hire a third-party firm to dig through your organization’s files. With Ricoh’s In-House eDiscovery for Legal, we make it easy to track down and prepare documents spread across multiple devices.

Long, arduous, expensive? Not anymore.

It was four years ago, and you’re sure it was put in the right place, but you’ve since changed systems, and you’re having trouble remembering how the old one worked, or you think the final version may have been saved on Gary’s laptop, because Gary loves to have final review, which is generally a good thing …

Stop! You don’t have to worry about where Gary left it, or use an expensive hire to find it, or block off hours, days, and weeks to search yourself.

Our easy-to-use network integrates with many existing review tools and hosting services, so you’ll find the information you need, where and when you need it.

When is the next request coming?

It can be a hard thing to judge. That’s why we offer ongoing subscriptions to our eDiscovery tools, so you can immediately have the appropriate documents on hand. You can also go use these services on an as-needed basis, so you can almost immediately have the information you need.

Turning over documents doesn’t mean unsecuring them

While our network appliance pulls the documents you need together for review, it doesn’t take them outside the confines of your secure system. Our approach respects your privacy needs and helps ensure your compliance with the requirements of eDiscovery.

Benefits to your business

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Simple eDiscovery without the cost of outsourcing

Our network application helps you pull together the documents you need from across an array of networked devices at a lower cost than a dedicated eDiscovery firm.

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A quicker, more painless process

Instead of dedicating huge swaths of office hours to hunting down and preparing documents for discovery, our tool interfaces with your hosting service and takes care of it all, much more quickly than a manual search could have.


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Keep information safe while complying with requirements

Throughout the discovery process, while our application is preparing documents for viewing, it’s keeping them behind your firewall, within your own trusted security policies. The fetching process also complies with eDiscovery requirements.

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  • Lower the costs of complying with eDiscovery requests
  • Create a quick, comprehensive search and gather process
  • Avoid tying up office workers’ hours or using expensive third-party firms
  • Maintain data security and privacy from sensitive documents
  • Prepare for eDiscovery requests; react quickly to unexpected ones
  • Access the information you need when it’s important to have it quickly

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