Intelligent Forms Solution for Hospitals

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Create and update forms with e-ease

Fill out a form, feel better in the morning? Not likely. Paperwork is a burden, whether it involves assembling forms on a clipboard or searching the forms library. Then there's the cost of paper, printing, and entering data into IT systems. Plus, the trees aren't too happy about the situation, either.

Ricoh's Intelligent Forms Solution for Hospitals transforms the way you create and update forms. As a result, your workers have the information they need, when they need it, to complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

Replace manual steps with automated processes

We can give you everything your hospital needs to implement fast information sharing. At the core is the Access® Intelligent Forms Suite (IFS) software, which can:

  • Map patient data to forms, allowing you to pre-populate forms with patient data in seconds.
  • Auto-index forms in your document imaging system or ECM/EDM system.
  • Generate barcoded wristbands and labels for medication, IV bags, and so on.
  • Capture images directly from medical devices and associate them to patient records.

Onboard new employees faster

Think about how long it takes a new employee to learn your paper forms system and processes. With the Intelligent Forms Solution for Hospitals, new employees can be up and running in a lot less time. They can quickly search and select forms in the e-forms library, and they can distribute information quickly because the solution is integrated with your fax servers and email systems. Electronic signatures can happen automatically, with full tracking and authentication. 

Turn paper pushers into e-experts

With intelligent forms backing them up, your workers can make edits on the fly. They can customize individual patient packets in moments and make sure the latest versions of forms are available and accessible to hospital personnel. Just stand back and watch efficiency in action — from admissions to care delivery to HR to collaboration with affiliated doctors and partners to patient/insurance billing.

Benefits to your business

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Share information anytime, anywhere in the hospital

Distribute forms to email accounts or cloud-based repositories or to network printers. Add forms automatically to a patient's EHR, permitting instant viewing by authorized users in any department.

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Manage e-information, reduce paper waste

Find a new use for the space where your paper forms library is stored. Ban boxes of preprinted forms. Finish tasks sooner when you have the latest industry-compliant forms a keystroke away.

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Protect sensitive information and document integrity

Increase the accuracy of patient records and hospital data. Use barcoding, and its built-in checks, to make sure the right information moves into the right core IT systems.

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