IT Services for Faith Based Organizations

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The good news for your IT needs

You rely on your computers and networks to help you serve your members. But when it breaks down? Well, if you’re like most other faith-based organizations, budgets are tight. So you rely on volunteers, office staff, or local IT services providers as needed. This gets you up and running for the moment , but not for the long-term.

Ricoh’s IT Services for Faith-Based Organizations gives you a stable, up-to-date, IT environment, so you can spend time ministering to your community — not your technology.

Maintain a healthy, reliable network

Effective ministrations depend on understanding a person’s situation. Same for us. We start with a network health check. After we know what's wrong, we'll tailor an IT service plan for you. You'll get a system that can support you now and in the future.

For a predictable monthly fee, you'll receive:

  • Remote PC and network monitoring and data backup.
  • Software licensing updates and patches.
  • Security management, including firewall, intrusion detection and anti-spam.
  • Remote trouble shooting — virtually all problems can be resolved remotely.
  • Onsite support when necessary from our team of 1,500+ technicians.

Get on with your mission, without IT hassles

With our IT experts watching over you, you can focus on serving your community. No worries about whether a volunteer knows how to fix the blue screen of death. No need to set aside more money to expand your own IT staff or fix a problem. No more lost productivity while you wait for systems to come back.

And, you can assure members that their personal and financial information is backed up.

Spread the word to any audience

With your IT system humming, why not address broader communication needs? Ricoh’s Unified Communications Services for Faith-Based Organizations offer the technology you need to make sure your information reaches its intended audience — no matter where it is.

Interactive Story

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Benefits to your business

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Access the information you need when you need it

With a smooth-running network that's mobile-friendly, you and authorized members of your community can access and share information anywhere and anytime.

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Protect sensitive information 24/7

Help thwart hackers and malware with the latest firewall security. Keep software licenses and patches up to date. Help protect back up information like birth records, marriage licenses, and financial data.

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Hand off IT tasks for an affordable monthly fee

Reduce spending on IT and build in predictability. You never know when a volunteer can come in. We're with you day and night.