IT Services for Legal

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Get 24/7 IT support

As a small firm, you can’t justify hiring IT resources. Yet, your network supports all of your critical activities. When it crashes, work crashes. You can't reach calendars, write briefs, access client files, or send invoices. Worse, you may miss filing deadlines. And how much information is at risk because it isn't backed up?

IT Services for Legal is for small law firms that use Microsoft Windows — and want to focus on the law, instead of IT issues. For a predictable, affordable monthly fee, you'll get:

  • Fine tuning of systems and network with reliability and security in mind.
  • Remote monitoring tools that continually assess your network's health and security.
  • Proactive IT intervention that addresses issues before they affect your firm.
  • 24/7 help desk support.
  • Data backup to make sure you always have access to critical business information.

Simplify collaboration no matter where you are

One day you are meeting with clients or colleagues in the office. The next day you're traveling, but you need to keep up on cases. With voice over IP (VoIP), you can connect desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, either on your premises or in the cloud. VoIP allows you to connect to the carrier of your choice and integrates with Outlook and Internet Explorer, so you can use the tools you know.

Relax, you're working with a legal IT expert

Ricoh has been providing services to the legal industry for more than 25 years. Now we have the largest national network of document processing centers in the industry. Our clients include more than 90 percent of the Am Law 200 and NLJ 250 firms. You have to keep information moving through the legal system, making sure it reaches the right people on time. We help you make that happen.

Benefits to your business

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Hand off IT services for a predictable monthly fee

With a healthy, smooth-running network monitored and managed by Ricoh, your staff can focus on legal matters.

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Increase reliability and security

Proactive is far better than reactive when it comes to networks. Our team backs up your data so you’ll have access when you need it, and it addresses your IT -related issues before they affect your business. But when you need assistance, just call our 24/7 help desk

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Enable mobile communications

Improve information access in the office and on the road with cloud solutions such as voice over IP (VoIP) and DocumentMall, and with tools for mobile printing.

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