K-12 Student Records Management

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Save money, time, storage

Paper files slow everything down, whether you're looking for student records or preparing reports for state and federal agencies. It's risky to have only one hard copy. And storing all of that paper takes precious dollars out of your budget.

Rethink your records approach with Ricoh’s K-12 Student Records Management. We’ll help you go digital, saving you time and money. And, most importantly, giving you more control over the information you need to better serve students and their families — where and when you need it.

Make it easy to go digital

The Ricoh records management experts can come in and assess your situation, wherever you are on the paper-to-digital curve. We’ll work with you to tailor a solution that can include:

  • Scanning and capture. Use existing Student Information Systems, multifunction printers (MFPs), or other technologies at your school. Includes a workflow for routing information to the appropriate records.
  • Enterprise content management. When you want to store, manage, and share information throughout a district, we'll develop a strategy that covers retention schedules and security requirements.
  • Back file conversion. Your site or ours, Ricoh personnel will digitize every record in every box, providing a chain of custody and creating an electronic repository with a searchable index.

Improve quality of service, lower risk

After student records are integrated into your core systems, information is on digital wheels. Even better, it's secure. You can back up records and restore them as needed, and you can produce reports that document how, when, and where student records have been accessed.

Benefits to your business

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Enable immediate access to information

Digital records and workflows enable authorized users to access records anytime and respond to requests in record time. Give back hours to district and school personnel so they can focus on education instead of records management.

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Get a grip on costs

Reduce or eliminate the expense of offsite storage and courier services. Integrate records management with existing systems like Student Information Systems and your MFPs to extend their value.

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Reduce risk and satisfy compliance

Increase the security of information with a solution that supports data backup and disaster recovery initiatives. Be better prepared to address FERPA, NCLB, and other state-level regulations.

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