Mobile Labeling Solution for Retail

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Pricing at the speed of information

Clear shelf edge labeling is an incredibly important — and time-consuming — part of your business. Often, as soon as a label is printed, it needs to be updated. With the mobile information available to consumers, your ability to quickly and clearly update labels is more important now than ever.  Address your on-demand labeling needs with Ricoh’s Mobile Labeling Solution for Retail. We’ll help you manage your pricing information, boost customer service, and remain competitive.  

Keep pace with the Information Age 

Your customers are checking competitors’ price points against yours on their smartphones, potentially cutting into your business. Address discrepancies — or damaged or missing labels — in near real-time with quickly created, well-rendered replacement labels printed directly from employees’ carts, eliminating time spent on trips to stationary printers.

Quicker labels, better customer service

The more time your employees spend printing labels, the less time they spend assisting customers. We help you allocate your employees’ time where it’s most needed —  and most noticed.

Label printer causing a sticky situation?

Not all printers were created equal. Some just aren’t attuned to the specialized pressure-sensitive needs of vinyl labels, while others are too specialized to justify their cost. The RICOH SP 5210DNHT Laser Printers were specially designed with labels in mind, using Teflon to virtually eliminate jamming and keep vinyl feeding through smoothly.

Benefits to your business

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Bolster your reputation

Improve customer service by cutting employees’ time spent waiting on labels to print or traveling to retrieve them. Keep up with mobile consumers’ on-the-go price comparisons.

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Get more for your money

Print shelf edge labels quickly and clearly from mobile, cart-based devices.  Reduce equipment costs by eliminating specialized label printers

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