Patient Chart Scanning Solutions

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Healthcare at the speed of data

You not only have to keep track of a lot of patient charts, faxes, and loose files — you have to make sure that information is easily stored and readily available, anytime, anywhere. Especially as the push toward electronic medical records (EMR) continues.

Ricoh’s Patient Chart Scanning can help make well-managed, digital documents a reality. With it, you’ll find information moving through your work processes more quickly and with greater transparency, so you can present Meaningful Use statistics and earn financial incentives.

Don’t reprint; update

With digitized charts, when your patient’s condition changes, you simply update his chart, save it, and you’re set. That means you spend less time fussing with paper, and you save money, by not paying to reprint updated charts.  You also save time, by avoiding manual data entry to capture handwritten notes.

Collaborate in real time

Searching for, sending, and reminding others to review documents can be a huge time commitment, taking time and attention away from patients. Your new digitized charts are easy to find, can be viewed and amended by multiple users at once, and can be set to automatically go to the directory in which they belong and remind appropriate contacts to review them. You’ll be serving more patients, better, and cutting time and materials costs.

Get incentivized

Meaningful Use incentives encourage healthcare providers to migrate to electronic record-keeping methods, so long as the migration can be proved to be “meaningfully used” for electronic medical records. Our system is designed to not only  to make reporting on those metrics simple, but also to help meet the criteria to secure you those financial incentives.

Don’t slow down to speed up

With us, you don’t have to slow down in the middle of this transition and pull your focus away from your main healthcare objectives. We take care of the transition, so you can keep your operations at full strength and then, once we’re done, better than full.

Benefits to your business

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No more wandering documents

Bring disparate documents together for a complete picture of patient information. Organize patient data in an intuitive and easy-to-search repository.  Annotate, view, update, and review patient information from anywhere. Allow important documents to automatically move quickly and easily through necessary reviews.

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Meet government regulations, gain financial incentives

Helps you to meet government compliance and information security requirements, as well as financial incentives for migrating to electronic health records.

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Save money and improve care

Save money on print expenses and save time by eliminating slower, paper-centric processes.

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