Patient ID Solution for Healthcare

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A new ID for patient protection

You handle — and print — a wide variety of documents, many of them incredibly sensitive. Whether it’s narrow ID wristbands, prescription sheets, or regular letter-sized documents, you need to know your data and materials are safe, not just to satisfy government regulations, but to protect your patients.

With Ricoh’s Patient ID Solution for Healthcare, they can be.

Lock down wristbands and prescription pads

Prescription pad theft is a serious issue. ID wristbands, no less so. However, you need to keep blanks on hand to print. That’s why we modified our print trays, allowing you to lock them, keeping thieves out while allowing authorized personnel to restock trays as needed.

Protect patient privacy

Modern printers, advanced as they are, often hold images of printed documents on their hard drives. Savvy thieves could potentially access those images and find sensitive patient information. The RICOH DataOverwriteSecurity System (DOSS) protects that information by automatically overwriting digital images on the device’s hard drive. You can also employ an external hard drive for your printer, which can be removed to a secure location during hours when the printer might be left unattended.

Safeguard your output tray

With our system, users have to verify their identity and the job they want to print before the printer starts to print, so sensitive documents only reach the output tray once the right person is there to retrieve them.

Print the job you need, no add-ons required

Printing ID wristbands on the wrong printer can be disastrous. The adhesive literally gums up the works, figuratively throwing a wrench in your printing plans until you can get a service representative to clean it out. Our printers use Teflon-coated paper trays specially designed to accommodate pressure-sensitive  media, cutting down on misfeeds. Should you need to switch from one printer to another for whatever reason, a quick secure digital (SD) card swap will have your backup printer acting exactly like your primary within minutes.

Benefits to your business

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Protect sensitive media

Protect patient data information from those who would illegally access printer hard drives.

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Guard sensitive data

Automatically overwrite images of printed documents, so malicious users can’t access private information. Use ID verification-required printing to make sure sensitive documents don’t sit unattended in your output tray.

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Print healthcare-specific media

Switch easily between “regular” documents and printing on narrow ID wristbands, differently sized prescription sheets, and other media.

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