Real Estate Office Technology Services

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Support with the right location, location, location

Real estate sales don’t happen at any one place. More than anyone, you know the importance of having information where you need it, when you need it. It’s about time your information got the memo.

With Ricoh’s Real Estate Office Technology Services, we can offer a suite of information and technology solutions to make sure you have what you need to close that next deal — no matter where it is.

When you go out to close, don’t leave your information behind

Not all of your work is done in an office, so your critical information shouldn’t be stuck in one. Our scanning solutions help digitize your vital information, from customer leads to floor plans. Enjoy anytime, anywhere, any device access.

Monitor and manage office resources remotely

Manage how your printers and copiers are being used with an accessible-anywhere portal that displays in-depth information. Fine-tune your fleet of output devices to better match your priorities and needs, and bill back your agents more accurately for copies, prints, and faxes.

Clear, efficient voice communications

A huge part of what you do is talking to people. Don’t settle for costly, low-performing analog voice systems that can muddle your message. We can set you up with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that provides greater efficiency, more savings, and improved performance.

An IT support partner you can rely on

Many real estate offices don’t have on-site IT support, which means that troubleshooting technology can be a lengthy, difficult process, costing time and money while vital services are out of order. Put us on call, and we’ll leverage our decades of experience to keep your operations running smoothly — and more securely, as we help protect you and your customers’ information from cyber threats.

Benefits to your business

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Information on hand – in the field, the office, wherever you connect

Digitize and organize your information. Easily access vital information wherever your work takes you, so your documents and information are always a click away.

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Comply with regulatory requirements

Avoid hazards with Ricoh’s comprehensive network, email, and web security protection. 

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Cut costs and reduce downtime

Save money by accurately charging your agents for the resources they use. Work to ensure smooth-running operations by partnering with our capable IT support team.

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