Scan and Fax Solution for Higher Ed Admissions

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Graduate to a better admissions system

Online applications, snail mailed forms, faxed supplemental information, email-attached enrollment information — your admissions information arrives quickly from a variety of sources. Instead of being overwhelmed, wouldn’t it be nice if you could digitize that information so that it’s accessible when and where you need it?

With Ricoh’s Scan and Fax Solution for Higher Ed Admissions, you can better manage your information and create a better process for students — all while saving your budget.

Get information to where you need it

With our help, you can scan paper documents and index digital files, funneling all of that information into one searchable, central digital repository. That means you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it, and access it from anywhere. And student data may be secured, to help comply with regulations.

Better yet, with our software, your days of poring over documents and typing in what you find are over. You can automatically extract relevant information and put it into your system, rendering it both searchable and safe.

A better admissions process for you and them

Manual admissions processes aren’t only hard on you — they’re frustrating for students and parents, too. With Scan and Fax Solution for Higher Ed Admissions, you dramatically improve response times, which is a major win on its own. But you also can showcase a process with clearer communication, transparency, and visibility. That results in a lot of happy families — and major accolades for your office.

Ditch your old fax machine to save money and headaches

By upgrading to a digital fax solution, you can cut the equipment, phone, and maintenance costs associated with traditional faxes, while adding levels of security and convenience older fax machines can’t provide.

Benefits to your business

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Make information searchable, cut time spent on manual processes

Find the information you need, quickly and easily, no matter what form your office received it in. Automatically extract information from a variety of sources — emails, attachments, online forms, paper.

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Secure information and comply with regulations

Keep a watchful eye on your information’s movements, aiding in security and helping you to comply with federal regulations.

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Save money and improve turnaround time

Cut equipment, maintenance, and phone-line costs associated with traditional fax machines. Fine-tune workflows and increase response times thanks to automated document entry — easing the process for students and their families.

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