Secure Plain Paper RX Solution for Healthcare

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A prescription for success

Since 2008, you’ve had to deal with stringent security requirements regarding how you print prescriptions, to make sure they aren’t copied, erased, modified, or counterfeited. Many hospitals address these concerns with “secure” paper, which is effective but also costly and inflexible. 

A better way lies with Ricoh’s Plain Paper Rx Solution for Healthcare. We’ll help you protect your prescriptions — using your own paper and printers.

 Costly, slow, inefficient … but compliant

The “secure” paper option can cost as much as 25 cents per sheet, and that doesn’t factor in the labor or time costs from carefully guarding the special paper from the time it’s delivered to the time it enters a lockable print tray. Also not included? The cost of that lockable print tray, either on a new printer or from retrofitting your old one.

There is a better way

You could scramble to find money in the budget for all of that, or you could just use the printers and the paper you already have. Our software-based solution allows you to print secure prescriptions on equipment from virtually any manufacturer onto any “regular” paper, thanks to micro-printing, security feature warning boxes, consecutive numbering, and other checks and balances. 

The software overlays security features to meet and exceed the CMS’ safeguards against prescription copying, modification, erasure, and counterfeiting. And it also tracks these print jobs and stores that data in one central location, making it easier for you to trace back from where exactly a particular script came.

Benefits to your business

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Comply with prescription security regulations

Helps meet and exceed federal prescription security requirements. Create an audit trail for prescription prints.

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Use your own equipment

Secure your scripts without paying for expensive “secure” paper. Use your own paper and printers, no costly modifications needed.

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Boost the budget

Save time, money and headaches associated with costly, prescriptive prescription processes.

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