Testing and Grading Solutions for Education

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Beat the grading blues

Grading is one of the hardest, most time-consuming aspects of teaching. Maybe you’ve even bought an automatic test-grading system to save you time and get your students their grades more quickly. But given today’s technology, isn’t there a better way?

There is, thanks to Ricoh’s Testing and Grading Solutions for Education. With plain paper and the multi-function printer your school already has, you can make grading a snap and better analyze test scores and problem areas. Your information, your way.

Learn from your students — use analytics

A solution that quickly, efficiently grades student exams is nothing to scoff at. But why stop there? You can automatically send student scores through our analytics software, identifying questions that proved especially difficult, and adjusting your curriculum as needed. You can even track students’ progress over time, giving you the big picture of what’s working — and what isn’t.

Your test, your way

With Ricoh, you aren’t locked into proprietary test-grading systems. You’ll have more freedom to design tests tailored to your teaching style and your students’ needs. And because you can use plain paper with your current MFP, you have  much more flexibility in when, where, and how you choose to print, without being bound to expensive proprietary single-use forms.

Cut costs without sacrificing efficiency

Automatic test-grading is a wonder. But the grading equipment and forms can be costly, and with school budgets under scrutiny, they may find themselves on the chopping block.  Our solution uses the equipment and infrastructure you already have in place, so you get to keep your quick turnarounds — without breaking the budget.

Benefits to your business

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Cut equipment, maintenance and consumables costs

Cut costs associated with proprietary grading hardware and associated forms. Use the multi-function printers (MFPs) you already have to print tests on plain paper.

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Quick grades, flexible tests

Keep test turnaround time down while making more time for teaching, lesson planning, and student interactions. Modify tests beyond the predetermined setup of proprietary forms to suit your – or your students’ – needs.

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Greater understanding of your students — and your tests

Use analytics to see which questions students are consistently missing, so you can reassess your curriculum or your tests. Track students’ progress as their grades change over time. Fast-track test scores from the grading software directly into your school’s back-end system to automatically adjust students’ grades.

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