Unified Communications for Faith Based Organizations

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The good news for all

Your community drives you and your mission, so effective communications are critical. However, between sick, elderly, or remote members who are unable to travel, and younger members who prefer everything digital, engaging with everyone can be impossible.

Let Ricoh’s Unified Communications for Faith-Based Organizations lend a hand. We can help you embrace mobility, connect with everyone, and spread your message — all at minimal cost to your budget.

Participation doesn’t have to mean proximity

Sometimes, your members and colleagues can’t make it to a meeting. There may be a variety of reasons — illness, injury, travel, or weather conditions. With our video-conferencing capabilities, they can still participate as easily as if they were in the room.

The three least important aspects of your meetings: location, location, location

As long as remote members have access to any of a range of compatible devices and an Internet connection, they’ll be able to video conference in. Those present can use our P3000 system — with the option to connect to a projector for larger meetings — to see, hear, and respond to remote members. You can host from just about anywhere, and the laptop-sized P3000 sets up in minutes, ready with everything you need to get started.

Connect with younger members

Your passionate and engaged younger members may prefer the freedom and convenience of communicating on the go.  You can embrace their communication preferences by creating an environment that allows them to remotely join meetings from their computers and mobile devices.

Benefits to your business

let Ricoh image
Bridge the generation gap

Connect with younger members who may prefer to communicate via mobile devices

let Ricoh image
Include everyone on communications

Accommodate traveling, ill, or injured community members who are unable to attend meetings

let Ricoh image
Spread the word without sinking the budget

Enable remote meeting participation without incurring large expenses

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