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Mail for the Millennial generation

The face of mail has changed. Package volume is up, letters are largely out of fashion. It’s likely that your campus mail center was not designed with this in mind.

You can offer a better mail service by employing Ricoh’s University Kiosk / Inbound Mail for Higher Education solution. With our technologies and processes, you can give both your mail center employees and your students the information they need, in the manner they need it, and turn your mail operation into a fine-tuned, modern machine.

Alert students with waiting packages

When a package arrives at your mail center, you scan it and key in some of the vital details into Ricoh TRAC, a web-based, centralized reporting tool, which then notifies the student that their package has arrived. Students can access relevant package information through a separate interface.

Track packages, from arrival to pickup

Enjoy fewer misplaced or lost packages with our TRAC software, which ensures a paper trail for every package. That way, when a student shows up looking for a shipment, you know exactly where it is. The system also makes  helps you identify and address trouble spots, such as lags in the wait time between a student’s pickup request and the mail center’s delivery of the package.

Connect people to people, then packages to people

Through the Package Pickup Kiosk in your mail center, students can swipe their IDs to see a list of their available packages, as well as the location to retrieve them. The kiosk also lets your mail center employees know the student is looking for those packages, so they can have them ready. From there, it’s a race to the pick-up window, where the student signs to pick up their package, closing the job ticket.

Benefits to your business

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Cut package pickup wait times, everybody wins

Quickly notify students of packages ready.  Facilitate easy, quick package pickup from your campus mail center.  Cut wait times by alerting mail center employees when students arrive and which packages they are looking for

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More efficient use of space, personnel and time

Ensure accurate delivery and system efficiency by carefully tracking package movements. Automatically opening job tickets for newly arrived packages, sending student notifications, and closing job tickets for picked up packages.

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