Workgroup Scanning Solutions for Financial Services and Insurance

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Disparate data, one workflow

You manage a lot of information from a lot of different sources, whether it’s loan applications, insurance claims, proof of delivery forms, or other critical documents. Manually handling this data is inefficient. And virtually each one is heavily regulated, which only adds to your pressure. 

What you need is a way to easily manage that information, and still maintain an audit trail that helps you meet your compliance obligations. For that, turn to Ricoh’s Workgroup Scanning Solutions for Financial Services and Insurance.

Automate and save time

Don’t struggle with separate storage places and balky, slow manual processes. You can have your information go through our well-honed indexing system, which extracts data from your documents, putting it directly into your workflow.

That not only means a faster process, but a documented chain of custody that makes compliance with external regulations easy and provable. And easy tracking for your documents means inefficiencies can  become easier to spot and correct.

Keep a closer eye on your information

We can employ encryption technology when pulling sensitive data from your documents so the data is unreadable as it travels to your document repository. 

Gain and maintain business

Once you’ve upgraded your information workflow, you’ll see your turnaround time on customer requests decrease — and their satisfaction increase. They’ll be more likely to come back to you for future projects —  and tell their network of friends.

Benefits to your business

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Collate and aggregate information to make your work easier, more mobile

Move data from paper, via a variety of devices, directly to your workflow. Collect information from scans, emails, and other sources and merge them based on relevance, not source medium. Directly place data from documents into your workflow, increasing efficiency.

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Compliance without efficiency costs

Eliminate the need for inefficient manual processes and help meet your regulatory compliance requirements with traceable data trails. Increase efficiency and transparency, and improve the customer experience.

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