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Workplace Productivity 


Transform your workplace

In this new world of work, you have to manage increasing numbers of mobile and remote workers, and provide space for collaboration and on-site meetings. With our Workplace Productivity solutions, we can help ensure your workers have the right tools and space to get the job done right.


Create a culture of innovation

Harness the flow of information throughout your organization to drive your business success.







Facilities and Workspace Management

Make sure that you're using your square footage to the best of its potential. With the right tools and insights, you can better understand how you use your facility, make your workspaces more accessible and productive, and better manage your costs.


Intelligent Lockers

Implement accountable package delivery — and give your employees personal space to stow their stuff while on site — with Intelligent Lockers. It's a secure storage solution that takes up minimal space in your office.


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  • Brochure

    Find out more about what our Facilities and Workspace Management solution can do for your business.                          

  • Campus Mail and Packages

    Get bar-code parcel management, notifications, high-density mail, intelligent lockers, university kiosk and retail solutions.

  • Brochure

    Find out more about what our Intelligent Lockers solution can do for your business.