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In-House eDiscovery

Simplify and streamline your eDiscovery process

Icons for ediscovery

Electronic data discovery is the 2nd-highest category of litigation spending.*


When you think of eDiscovery, do you think of a time-consuming and expensive process of sifting through volumes of unstructured, electronic data that resides on network drives, personal computers and mobile devices? Let us help by streamlining your eDiscovery process. We can implement a simple but robust in-house solution that can reduce costs by eliminating expensive third-party services, dedicated hardware and software, and drawn-out project times.


Beat the rising cost of eDiscovery services


Reduce your expenses, eliminate headaches and get better results.


When you want to reduce your organization's eDiscovery times, you don't have to immediately turn to an expensive eDiscovery firm. Our network application interfaces with your hosting device, and helps you pull together the documents you need from across an array of networked devices.

Instead of dedicating large amounts of time to hunting down and preparing documents for discovery, our tool takes care of it all — much more quickly and efficiently than a manual search could have. You'll get better outcomes and, more importantly, save time and money.


Avoid difficult implementations


Get going with easy, seamless installation.


Poorly designed or non-existent eDiscovery solutions can drain your productivity and resources. Not so with Ricoh. Our simple-to-use network appliance is easy to install, integrates with many existing review tools and hosting services, and is ready to use whenever you need it.

And because it's a subscription-based solution, you don't need any capital investments. You can subscribe for a defined period of time or on an as-needed basis. Not sure when that next eDiscovery request will come in? Either way, you'll be covered — and you'll have the appropriate documents ready, exactly when and where you need them.


Turn over documents in a secure manner


Help meet security and compliance mandates every time.


Approach eDiscovery with security in mind. When our network appliance pulls together the documents you need, it doesn’t take them outside the confines of your system or your firewall. That means you can help keep sensitive data secure and protected, and help ensure your compliance with strict eDiscovery requirements.


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*Source: For U.S. companies spending $1 million or more on litigation, Fulbright Litigation Trends Survey.